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For years many people assumed that websites were like magic because they saw commercials and heard stories of people building websites and getting rich.  So, many people assumed if you bought a website one your company would soon have lots of new clients wanting to buy your products and services. 

The truth is that websites are not magic.  A good website that attracts new clients from Google and the other search engines can make your company a substantial profit.  On the other hand a bad website is like putting your advertisement in last years phone book after everyone has already thrown it in the trash. 

With that in mind we have put together two articles to help you tell the difference between good website companies who will make you money and bad website companies who may simply take your money and run.  It is our sincere hope that these articles will help save you from becoming the victim of a bad website company.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Website Company

It may amaze you but most companies that say they do website optimization actually have very little idea on how to get your website to the top of the search engines. They may say a lot of things to you that really impress you, but the truth is that they have to be better than "every single website company that you are competing with" or your website will not end up number one in the search engines.  Read the list of questions to ask before hiring a website company.  Take the list with you when you speak to these other companies. If they cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction we suggest you hire someone else.

Website or Web Fright

This is a side by side comparison of what it takes to make a good website versus a bad one told almost like a story.  We guarantee if you read this you will realize by the end that you now know more about website optimization than most of the companies who say they do website optimization.  This empowers you to find and select only those companies who can deliver on their promises.  Indeed, this article could make the difference between success and failure for your next website and have a major impact on your companies sales.  Click here to read "Website or Web Fright".

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