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When you go to most companies they have one of two choices.  They can start a website from scratch or they can take an existing website template and build your website for that.

Building from Scratch

Building from scratch allows your website to be a little more unique, but the draw back is that every single page has to be created from scratch and so the cost can be considerably higher.

Other Companies Pre-Templated Websites

When most companies build  your website using a template (which saves you money) there are generally a few problems.  First, the template was not designed to be quickly and easily modified.  Yes, you can change colors, text and pictures quickly and easily, but you can't change the position of where the elements (pictures, text and buttons) go on the website without a lot of time, effort and money.  There are some bigger problems.  Many of these pre-built templates were not actually built by the website company you are considering hiring.  Instead they were purchased from companies who specialize in creating "one size fits all" templates.  The problem with this is that the website is full of excess coding (as a visitor you cannot see all this coding unless you click "View" and then "Source Code" on your browser).  There is coding in there for pretty much every possible option on how the website can be put together.  Unfortunately, Google and the other search engines hate excess coding.  It is a proven fact that websites with a high code-to-text ratio do not rank as high on average as websites with a low code-to-text ratio.  To put it more simply, all this unused coding is for Google what a box full of spam is to you.  Something you really don't want to waste your time and energy reading.

There is one more huge disadvantage to the pre-built templates used by most website companies.  They generally consist of only a few pages (Between 5 and 10).  But the reality is that as more websites come online (Currently over 3 billion) websites have to get bigger to be competitive.  A five or ten page is not likely to win in the search engines.  So one of two things happens.  They build you a website that loses in the search engines (and you just lost your money on a website that no one ever sees) because it is too small or you have to pay them to create more pages "one at a time".  Depending on the size website needed to compete for your products and services you could be spending hundreds of dollars extra to have these pages built by hand.

We Offer

We can build you a website from scratch (very few people actually need this, but we will be happy to do if requested) or we can offer to take a template that we built (not some other company) which will save you time and money and which has been proven over and over again to be able to get to the number one spot in Google.

Our template

Our template is designed to save you time, energy and money while helping you have a much higher success rate than "pre-built" templates used by other companies.  We first built this template about 6 years ago.  We used a program called Dreamweaver which writes with less junk coding than any other program we could find.  Then we went back "by hand" and "line by line" and further reduced the excess coding.  The fact is that no one using software to create a website template could come close to the high "text-to-code" ratio of our templates.  It's impossible.  And so our templates already offer you and advantage in the search engines that the others do not have.


Because we built these templates by hand we also know every little detail about them and every line of code.  This gives us the unique ability to make significant design changes with very little work.  So while we may use one template, we can change it to suit your needs quickly and easily.

Number of Pages

As mentioned before most companies use a pre-built template that has somewhere between 5 and 10 pages.  If you want more pages than that you have to pay them to build the pages one at a time (expensive).  What we did on the other hand was simply create one giant template with 100 pages.  So that if for instance you want a 40 page website we simply delete 60 pages (takes five minutes) and poof you have all the pages you need.

Next and Previous Buttons

Google uses a little software program (cookie) to monitor how many pages people go to when they visit your site.  The more pages they visit, the higher Google will move your website in it's rankings. So we built Next and Previous buttons into our template and then placed a spot for a picture (if desired) below them.  One of the secrets to why our websites rank so well is people clicking Next, Next, Next looking at the pictures (which also changes the page).  It's just one of our little secret weapons.

Google Map

Our template already comes with all your important pages built in (About, Contact, FAQ, Privacy, etc) and also comes with something really cool.  We put an Interactive Google Map on your websites template.  It's already built in.  All we have to do is add your business name, address, phone and then activate it. Visit our contact page to see how this works.  Pretty Cool!

Best of the Web

Our templates come with a page that we call "Best of the Web".  This page is full of the links for things most commonly use on the Internet.  You might be surprised how many people will come back to your website over and over again to use this page. And when they come back, that's an extra sales opportunity for you and it also convinces Google that they are in love with your website (Result - Higher Rankings)

Makes it Easier to Improve Existing Clients Sites

Every now and then we like to do something special for our clients.  For example during the holiday season of 2010 we went back and made changes to every single one of our clients websites that had this template in order to make them more compliant with changes in Google's software.  Because the templates were similar we were able to do this quickly and easily and so, "We did it for FREE".  As a gift to say thank you.  As a result our clients sites are now ranking for even more phrases in the search engines and pulling in more traffic.  Now try to imagine a company that had dozens of different templates trying to do the same thing. (Ouch!)

Our Template

Our template is one of a kind and has a six year proven track record of success (The majority of websites we have built for our client using this template are now sitting at number one in Google).  Doesn't it make more sense to use something that has worked for other people, than to start from scratch with something that may or may not work?

Contact Us

Please contact us at (239)878-9310 or click here to use our contact form
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